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A Corporate Solution Using SUSHI KING and Tealive eGifts GIFTEE MALAYSIA begins service of “giftee for Business” in Malaysia


GIFTEE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD., a local subsidiary of eGift service (*1) provider giftee, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo/Representative CEO: Mutsumi Ota), hereby announces the start of service of “giftee for Business,” an eGift solution for businesses, in Malaysia from March 2019.

giftee, Inc. has the corporate mission of “Using gifts to connect people to people, people to business, and people to communities.” Based on this mission, it provides “giftee” (*2), a casual gift service that allows customers to send gifts online easily, along with the sentiment of “a little thank you” for everyday kindnesses. It also operates a SaaS business providing the “eGift System,”(*3) an eGift sales system for businesses. Launching “giftee for Business,” a new solution for businesses based on its original “giftee” service, in April 2016, and “Welcome!STAMP,” a local e-currency system, in May 2016, the company has used the technologies it has built up in its eGift business to actively develop new businesses. Additionally, in October 2018, giftee, Inc. established GIFTEE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD., a Malaysian local subsidiary, and started to expand its eGift business in ASEAN countries.

“giftee for Business,” the solution that giftee is now offering in Malaysia, is a new eGift-based corporate solution which was first launched in Japan from April 2016. The service allows businesses to sell gift tickets that can be used for gifts and rewards in promotions and campaigns. Following the start of service in 2016, there are now over 500 business in Japan that have introduced the system. (As of the end of February 2019.) The gift tickets offered through “giftee for Business” in Malaysia currently include the “RM10 Digital Voucher” usable at 134 outlets of the “Sushi King” (*3) chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants (excluding those in Borneo), and the “RM6.5 Tealive Drink Voucher”, the “RM7.5 Tealive Black Diamond Milk Tea Voucher “ and the “RM10 Tealive Cash Voucher” usable at more than 200 Tealive outlets in Malaysia (*4) tea chain in Malaysia, for a total of three digital ticket types. Businesses implementing the system can choose a desired product from the three digital tickets available.

“giftee for Business” has a vast range of usage scenarios. Some of the diverse ways it can serve as a business solution include: as a solution for promotional campaigns to encourage visitors (e.g. gifts for visitors to insurance companies, financial institutions, etc., or visitors (via advance online reservations, etc.) to model rooms, show-home exhibition events, seminars, etc.), for exchange of goods in company point systems, for prizes in promotional or gift campaigns (e.g. prize rewards in questionnaire campaigns or other gift campaigns), for gifts offered in exchange for using company services (e.g. gifts for users of various website services, such as comprehensive estimate services offered by insurance/moving businesses and material request services for schools/teaching aids, etc., or use in service plans that include gifts offered by car-rental businesses, hotels and inns, etc.), as well as for other website-based point-exchange schemes and corporate reward programs. Previously, the above scenarios would often have required the use of items such as plastic or paper vouchers as gift products, resulting in various additional costs beyond that of redeeming the gifts, such as storage, packing, packaging, and postage costs, as well as the attendant costs for office work. However, with the introduction of “giftee for Business”, businesses can simply send gift ticket URLs to customers via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, and other services, allowing them to cut down on direct and indirect costs that would have otherwise occurred. Furthermore, because the gift products are issued digitally, businesses can track usage outcomes and monitor the effectiveness of their customer management and promotional campaigns, as well as put the accumulated quantitative data to further use in their marketing.

The first project for “giftee for Business” in Malaysia started in January 2019, with the provision of the “RM10 Digital Voucher” of the “Sushi King” to United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd. for use as a redeemable product in the bank’s customer point exchange service.

Through the popularization of “giftee for Business,” giftee, Inc. aspires to revitalize communication between businesses and their customers, contributing from both digital and real-world perspectives. Additionally, giftee, Inc. also plans to grow “giftee for Business” into a key driver that stands alongside “giftee” and “eGift System,” and is actively working to develop this part of its business.

(*1) A service in which the gift-giver purchases a digital gift ticket online and sends it to the recipient, who can exchange it for goods in-store.

(*2) giftee is a web-based service for the sale of eGifts, operated by giftee, Inc.

(*3) “Sushi King” is a chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants operated in Malaysia by Sushi Kin Sdn Bhd (Headquarters: Malaysia/President: Akihiko Hijioka).


(*4) “Tealive” is a tea brand operated by LOOB Holding Sdn Bhd. (Headquarters: Malaysia/CEO: Bryan Loo).


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Example: Product exchange in United Overseas Bank (Malaysia)’s customer point exchange service


■ About giftee, Inc.

With the aim of creating a custom and culture of casual gift-giving as a means of conveying everyday feelings of gratitude, giftee, Inc. is engaged in the provision and expansion of gift services to make them available to more people. Its casual gift service, “giftee,” currently has more than 1,160,000 members (as of the end of February 2019), making it Japan’s No. 1 casual gift service, with the number of users continuing to grow. It currently handles merchandise from more than 42,000 stores around Japan, including coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants, so customers can choose from a diverse range of gifts to suit their purpose. The average sales price of gift items is about ¥600. This service offers reasonable gifts that can be sent casually by LINE or e-mail and that will not place pressure on the recipient.

Company Name : giftee, Inc.

Address : 5F Saisei Ikedayama, 5-10-25 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022

Established : August 10, 2010 (services commenced: March 2011)

Representative : Mutsumi Ota, Representative Director

Paid-in Capital : ¥ 1,010,670,000 (including capital reserves)

Business Description : Operation of “giftee” casual gift service and development of “giftee e-Gift System” (SaaS) (gift sales system targeted at businesses), “giftee for Business” (solution for businesses based on “giftee”), and “Welcome!STAMP” (local e-currency system) businesses

URL : giftee, Inc.

“giftee” casual gift service



Address : Suite 11.01, Level 11, South Wing, Menara OBYU, 4, Jalan PJU8/8A, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, 47810, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Established : September 13, 2018 (services commenced: October 2018)

Representatives : CEO Mutsumi Ota, Director Hideki Fujisawa