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Renowned café chain Secret Recipe Malaysia extends Giftee’s eGift System to 319 outlets across Malaysia Secret Recipe Malaysia partners with Japanese digital gifting platform Giftee to release e-vouchers that can be sent to friends and family instantly

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 21th May 2021 - From February 2021, Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe, one of Malaysia’s international leading café chains, has implemented an eGift service provided by Giftee Malaysia to its 319 outlets nationwide. Known as the eGift System(1), the eGift sales service for businesses was initially implemented for the cafe chain company in March 2020, but only provided to certain outlets at that time.

Originally from Japan, the eGift business expanded into the ASEAN region with the incorporation of Giftee Malaysia in 2018. Giftee Malaysia provides an end-to-end eGift platform solution, from the issuance to distribution of eGifts. The extended collaboration between Secret Recipe and Giftee Malaysia is expected to positively impact revenue by generating a wider customer base, as well as opening up new B2B sales channels for the café.

Recreating the gifting experience digitally

As Malaysia embarks on its Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint to transform into the region’s digital pulse, Secret Recipe has also begun its digital transformation roadmap. To meet the changing consumer needs in a pandemic era, Secret Recipe has moved quickly to adopt digitalisation initiatives such as website ordering and e-vouchers. In a time where distance separates loved ones, Secret Recipe is recreating the gifting experience digitally by implementing Giftee Malaysia’s eGift system.

Many Secret Recipe customers purchase their cakes as gifts. However, as lockdown measures strengthen, physical exchanges are almost impossible. Sending an eGift with a personalized message is the new norm now. eGifting with virtual cards and vouchers allows Secret Recipe to recreate that experience for their customers and keeps the virtue of gifting alive, especially in the current situation.

Giftee’s eGifting system makes Secret Recipe available for customers to pass a little happiness on to their friends and family, even those that are separated by distance.

Patrick Sim, Director of Secret Recipe says, “As we dive into digital solutions for Secret Recipe, we found that eGifting is viable, and almost tailored, for a large segment of our customers who buy cakes to celebrate an occasion or simply to express affection to their loved ones. Giftee Malaysia supports this newfound aspect of our digitalisation very smoothly.”

Fuss-free virtual gifting for Secret Recipe customers

The eGift System implemented in Secret Recipe allows electronic vouchers to be issued and redeemed instantly. Customers can choose from RM10 and RM50 vouchers. They can also pick a design for their gift cards and personalize it with special messages to their loved ones.

eGifts can be purchased from the online sales website and payment is made via credit card, online banking or even e-wallets including Boost, GrabPay, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet. Upon payment, a URL for the eGift is issued, which can then be sent immediately to friends and family members through email, SMS or chat messaging apps like Whatsapp.

The eGift recipient can then head down to a partnering Secret Recipe outlet to pick their favourite items and use the electronic voucher as a form of payment by flashing the eGift receipt screen on their smartphone at the store. The store completes the payment process by scanning the eGift screen using its POS System, which redeems it instantly. The instant redemption of the eGift using POS prevents the unauthorised use of e-tickets, unlike the usual paper-based tickets and coupons.

Patrick Sim, Director of Secret Recipe says, “The eGift system is extremely convenient to use, with minimal training required for our staff members. The personalised messages in the digital cards are uplifting as well, especially during the MCO when Malaysians were focused on spreading positivity to their loved ones.”

Supporting marketing and sales efforts with technology

From technological giants to F&B businesses, 16 brands in Malaysia including Secret Recipe, Grab and Tealive, have already implemented the eGift service, which allows businesses to operate eGift sales on their own websites. The company provides an end-to-end eGift platform solution, from the issuance to distribution of eGifts.

Each eGift has its own unique URL. As soon as the payment is processed, there is an instant collection of data, such as date and time of the visit to the store, the visited outlet, the type of eGift and whether or not other purchases are made at the same time. This information can then be used to conduct quantitative analysis of eGift usage, as a useful CRM tool.

It is also possible to run corporate digital campaigns in the form of incentives or gifting programs via giftee for Business(2). For instance, companies are able to send eGifts to customers as campaign gifts or as a reward for completing a survey.

Ryo Obuko, Director of Giftee Malaysia says, “eGifting drives engagement and builds visibility, yet remains one of the most underrated tools employed by businesses in Malaysia. giftee for Business helps brands launch B2C eGifting campaigns smoothly by automating the entire process from start to finish, while the eGift system does the same on the C2C market.”

The unique C2C market space in Malaysia

Giftee’s eGift system brings brick-and-mortar stores like Secret Recipe into the Malaysian e-commerce market, which is expected to be worth US$8.1 billion by 2024. The sale of eGifts allowed Secret Recipe to leverage the developing customer-to-customer (C2C) market space and increase traffic to their physical retail stores.

Giftee Malaysia hopes to generate more demand for corporate customers in line with the C2C market development, increase eGift distribution and build awareness of eGifts, by introducing the eGift system to more Malaysian brands. To facilitate this demand, the e-gifting platform also aims to create a culture and custom of casual gifting by sending eGifts with ease, as a means for Malaysians to convey their day-to-day wishes to each other.

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(1)eGift System is an eGift sales system provided by giftee, Inc. to businesses. Businesses that implement the system can use it to operate eGift services on their own websites.
(2)giftee for Business enables companies to send eGifts to customers, for example as campaign gifts or as a reward for completing a survey.

About Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn. Bhd.

Founded in 1997, Secret Recipe made its mark with its extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes. It has since evolved to become one of the fastest-growing lifestyle cakes and café chains in the region with over 380 café outlets to date. Secret Recipe can be found in prime urban locations and shopping malls in major cities in the region including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Maldives and Bangladesh.

About giftee, Inc.

Established in August 2010, giftee inc. hails from Japan. The representative directors are Mutsumi Ota and Tatsuya Suzuki. giftee inc. offers 4 services for consumers and businesses - giftee-C2C gift service, eGift System, giftee for business and Welcome ! STAMP. More information can be found at

About Giftee Malaysia

Giftee’s Malaysia branch was established in September 2018, Giftee Malaysia is helmed by CEO Mutsumi Ota and Director Ryo Okubo. It offers eGift System for F&B and retail brands and giftee for Business and eGift service for B2B and B2C distribution channels. As of March 2021, Giftee Malaysia is servicing 16 brands. More information can be found at


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【Overview of Secret Recipe eGift】


●Sales Website:Secret Recipe eGift
●Launch date:1st March, 2020
●eGift Types:
●Validity Period:
・C-to-C:90 days from date of purchase
・B-to-C:90 days from date of purchase
●Outlets where eGifts can be redeemed:
319 Secret Recipe outlets in Malaysia
●Redemption Method:POS

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