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Japanese leading eGift provider giftee Inc. establishes its first overseas development centre in Ho Chi Minh City to accelerate ASEAN expansion

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As of 2023, giftee has launched its eGift solutions across ASEAN, including key markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam
giftee Tech Vietnam takes the lead as the first-ever overseas development centre, kicking off full-scale operations creating employment opportunities in technology and other sectors

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 19 October 2023: giftee Inc. Japan, hereinafter referred to as giftee announced today the establishment of their fully owned subsidiary, giftee Tech Vietnam Co. Ltd, in the country. Commencing its full-scale operations from September 5th, giftee Tech Vietnam will be spearheaded by Chief Operating Officer, Fumitaka Yanase to enhance giftee's system development capabilities as part of its ASEAN business expansion strategy.

The eGift industry across ASEAN is expected to grow at a CAGR of 64 percent and is expected to reach US$131 billion by 2032. This growth can be attributed to the rapid expansion of the e-commerce sector in the region, which has significantly increased the demand for eGifts. As such, the launch of giftee Tech Vietnam comes at an opportune time when the industry is bustling and ripe for growth.

Fumitaka Yanase, Chief Executive Officer of giftee Tech Vietnam said, “As a pioneer in the eGift industry, we are thrilled to witness the unfolding of a truly extraordinary journey within the ASEAN region. Given that Vietnam is geographically close to giftee’s subsidiaries in the three ASEAN countries and is known for its exceptional homegrown tech workforce, we anticipate seamless and prompt communication with our development teams in ASEAN and Japan. Consequently, we are confident that establishing our new development hub in Vietnam is the optimal decision choice to grow our eGift platform and build excellent products to “giftify” everything and circulate love through technology.”

As of 2023, giftee has commenced its eGift services business in the ASEAN region, establishing companies in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. However, giftee Tech Vietnam represents a significant milestone as it marks giftee's first development center located outside of Japan. Up until now, all in-house system development efforts have been centralized in Japan.

Through this incorporation, giftee envisions establishing a development framework via giftee Tech Vietnam to support swift business expansion and growth across ASEAN, achieved by distributing work to a new overseas development team with the allocation of global resources.

Within the ASEAN region, giftee primarily focuses on two key business segments. The first involves delivering an eGift system for issuing and distributing eGifts to brands in the retail and F&B industry. The second aspect involves offering the "giftee for Business" solution, enabling corporations to leverage eGifts as incentives in digital campaigns.

Vietnam set to stand out in the region as an advanced digital nation by 2030

The digital economy sector in Vietnam has experienced consistent growth over the years, with a 28 per cent increase in the country's revenue in 2022. Furthermore, Vietnam's Prime Minister has unveiled the National Digital Transformation Program, aiming to transform Vietnam into an advanced digital nation by 2030. The program sets ambitious targets, including the development of 100,000 digital enterprises and the nurturing of 1.5 million digital professionals by 2030.

This initiative will drive the acceleration of digital transformation, leading to changes in corporate strategies, incentives, and a heightened awareness of digitalisation.

“Being a nation blessed with exceptional human talent, Vietnam has garnered considerable interest as a global base for establishing a global development system that leverages international resources. This has made the country highly appealing as an outsourcing partner for offshore projects. We believe giftee Tech Vietnam will be staffed by a team of highly proficient digital professionals, consisting of both local engineers and members from Japan’s development team. Together, we aspire to expand the eGift platform globally and extend the influence of eGifts to more ASEAN countries in the coming years.” Fumitaka said.

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About giftee, inc
Established in August 2010, giftee, inc. hails from Japan. The representative directors are Mutsumi Ota and Tatsuya Suzuki. giftee, inc. offers 4 services for consumers and businesses - giftee-C2C eGift service, eGift System, giftee for Business and eMachi platform-area revitalization platform. More information can be found at

About giftee Tech Vietnam
Established in June 2023, giftee Tech Vietnam boasts a registered capital of 14,000,000,000 VND. Led by CEO Fumitaka Yanase, who also serves as the Director CTO of giftee Inc., giftee Tech Vietnam focuses on developing the "eGift System" tailored for ASEAN subsidiaries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. More information can be found at