eGift System

eGift System is a system that generates digital gift vouchers that are redeemable at the store, and enables the company to distribute the digital gift vouchers via its own website.
The gift vouchers can also be sold through partner sales channels such as

Extend your business to provide original gifting services by introducing the eGift System.

  • One-Stop Service for All Required Functions

    • One-Stop service that provides all functions from generating digital gift vouchers to sales, report management and support
    • Customization of gift card, scheduler for send-out, company membership / points
    • System integration, campaign functions are also available as optional extensions
  • Quick and Inexpensive Introduction

    • Provided by SaaS model, enables quick launch with low initial investment and operation cost.
    • Automatically responds to specification changes of external services (Facebook, LINE, etc) at no additional cost
  • Impressive Installation Track Record

    • Solid track record with numerous installations for companies that deploy to multi-stores

System Benefits

With the use of SaaS to develop the eGift service, it opens up the opportunity to increase your company's sales by capturing the demand for gift sales at retail outlets, as well as through add-on-purchases from customers who visit the store to redeem gift.

  • Grow Sales by cultivating new demand for gift

    • Anticipate sales growth by tapping into the new demand for gifts
    • On top of the usual gifting occasions (for birthday, newborn celebration, etc), create new possibilities for casual eGift opportunities such as thank you, apology, etc.
  • Effect of using gifts to send customers to stores

    • Provides a possibility for add-on purchases from customers who turn up at the store to redeem gift.
    • Provides an opportunity to send customers to the store, especially for those who have been inactive from shopping and not visiting for a period of time.
    • Offers a product trial opportunity to customers who have no prior purchase of the product.
  • Enhance Brand Image through awareness by gifting

    • The emotion aroused at the moment of receiving the gift creates an attachment with your product, which can enhance your brand image.
    • Scenes of receiving your product as a gift when shared on the social media helps to spread awareness effectively.