Contribution to SDGs objectives

12.Responsible consumption, production
13.Climate action
14.Life below water
15.Life on land

The Group's two key environmental materialities are "addressing climate change" and "effective use of resources."
The Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact both by reducing the environmental impact of its business activities and by contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of society using its services and solutions.

Contributing to climate change countermeasures through business activities

An e-gift is purchased online, given online, and the recipient picks up the gift in person at a local outlet.
Sending e-gifts reduces the amount of paper and plastic used for wrapping and packaging for personalized gifts, the excess stock and packaging for corporate campaigns, and the CO2 emissions associated with the delivery of gifts.
The Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact by further expanding the use of its e-gift service.


Contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions from deliveries
(Calculated based on 2021 business performance)

Note: This calculation is based on the average delivery distance of postal items. Also, this assumes a 10-ton diesel truck will be used for shipping, and the improved ton-kilometer method is used for the calculations.


CO2 emission reduction effect by reducing packaging in the conversion in the reduction amount of CO2 emission per cedar tree
(Calculated based on 2021 business performance)

In the case of giving a physical gift

CO2 emissions and packaging materials are involved in transporting the gift to the destination

In case of giving an e-gift

Zero CO2 emissions and zero packaging materials involved in transportation