Contribution to SDGs objectives

12.Responsible consumption, production
13.Climate action
14.Life below water
15.Life on land

The Group's two key environmental materialities are "addressing climate change" and "effective use of resources."
Japan has declared that the country will be carbon neutral by 2050 and that the target for greenhouse gas emission reduction for 2030 is a 46% reduction (compared to 2013).
In response to this target, we will work to contribute to reducing society's environmental burden through our services and solutions and to reduce the environmental burden of our business activities.

Contribute to the environment through the implementation of our services and solutions

An e-gift is purchased online and given online. Therefore, e-gifting reduces CO2 emissions from sending physical gifts and packaging materials.
By further expanding its e-gift service, the Group will strive to reduce its environmental impact.


Contribution to CO2 emissions reduction
(Calculated based on 2022 business performance)

Note: CO2 emissions associated with (1) production, (2) delivery, and (3) disposal of cards and packaging materials generated when plastic cards are given as gifts were calculated.
(1) Production: CO2 emissions from the production of plastic cards and packaging materials were calculated using the emission coefficient per card and A4 size paper.
(2) Shipping: Calculated using the improved ton-kilometer method, and the shipping ton-kilometer was calculated using the average shipping kilometer per ton for the assumed weight.
(3) Incineration: CO2 emissions from the incineration of plastic cards and packaging were calculated using the emission coefficient for the incineration of combustible waste.


The CO2 emission reduction effect by reducing packaging in the conversion in the reduction amount of CO2 emission per cedar tree
(Calculated based on 2022 business performance)

In case of giving an e-gift

Zero CO2 emissions and zero packaging materials involved in delivery

None: In case plastic cards are given as gifts, CO2 emissions are generated from the production and incineration of the cards in addition to CO2 emissions from delivery and packaging materials.

Reduction of environmental impact emitted by own business activities

The Group promotes cloud services using renewable energy, remote working, paperless operations, and other efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities.

Disclosure based on TCFD proposals

The Company considers the issue of climate change as one of the most important issues affecting its business, and by the framework proposed by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure), the Company has identified business risks and opportunities caused by climate change.
The Company will continue to enhance its climate change-related information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations while aiming to strengthen further its governance and business strategies related to climate change.