Solving social issues through services and solutions

Contribution to SDGs objectives

9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure
11.Sustainable cities and communities

The Group has three materialities that lead to "solving social issues through services and solutions": "revitalizing communication," "nurturing love, ties, and relationships," and "reducing various burdens through digitization." By addressing these materialities through our services and solutions, we will achieve sustainable growth by resolving social issues.

Contributing to a society connected by better relationships

Through e-gift and other services, the Group will nurture love, ties, and relationships by revitalizing communication in various situations. We will also work to reduce the burden on the environment through digitization.


Number of love sent
(Cumulative number of gifts issued)
(As of the end of December 2022)

giftee service

Our giftee service enables users to add some feelings like "thank you," "congratulations," and "good work" to gifts. You can send them by email, LINE, Twitter, or other social media even when you can't meet the recipient face to face or don't know their address.


giftee service members
(As of the end of December 2022)

e-Gift System service

Our e-Gift system creates e-gifts that can be exchanged for products at retail outlets and sells these generated e-gifts on a company website. We provide this service mainly to restaurants and retailers.


e-gift issuing companies
(As of the end of December 2022)

giftee for Business service

Our giftee for Business service enables convenience store products, a cup of coffee, and other gifts used as prizes and rewards for various company promotions sent via email,LINE,Twitter and as a substitute for the shipment methods used until now.


e-gift user companies
(In 2022)


(In 2022)

Regional e-currency service(e-machi Platform)

Our Regional e-currency service provides the "e-machi Platform" to various local governments, local companies, and organizations. It supports those who sincerely address the diverse problems each region faces and work to build a better area.